Guiding Light Olympia, No. 808
Free and Accepted Masons
Under the Grand Lodge
of the State of New York




October 2017 Full PDF Communication here:
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Guiding Light-Olympia Lodge

No. 808 F. & A.M.


You and your Masonic friends are most cordially and fraternally invited to attend the following  Communication of Guiding Light-Olympia Lodge No. 808, F.& A.M.


754 Prospect Street, Baldwin, NY 11520



WEDNESDAY, October 11, 2017


Dress: Business Casual
Agenda: rehearsal, votes on events




WEDNESDAY, October 25, 2017


Dress: Tuxedos, aprons, jewels, the whole shabangabang
Agenda: DDGM Visitation, no other business! 


Masonic Newsletter for October 2017


Guiding Light Olympia 808

From the East

Thursday, 5 October 2017


Brethren, Welcome to October! Please don’t ask me how it got to be October already; I just don’t know.

Lots of exciting things going on… a First Degree for candidate Pedro Nunez, the finalization of a holiday party for the Lodge (outside the Lodge), the finalization of a theater night, the final touches on the secret Santa meeting in December, a stations and places for our Ladies and friends, getting the dates for ringing the bell… We have a lot going on.

            Let’s get right down to it. If you have not received your role and responsibilities for the upcoming degree, to be held on Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, contact me. I want everyone involved. This is just like making a family dinner, if everyone makes something everything tastes better and you have a closer family then if you just show up and eat.  Ironically, the meeting will not involve dinner that night and start at 7:00 PM.  I know, I know… “but how will I live without my monthly fix of eggplant rollatini?” Life can be so cruel. And since we are in the flood of my stream of consciousness, I want to extend my eternal gratitude to W Brian Finger and the W Steven Goldstein for doing rotations on providing the superb collations for all the meetings.   Its not just getting the collations, its not just getting the collations in budget, its not just coming in early to set up and staying late to clean up, its not just it’s a mostly thankless and under appreciated job, and its not just they do it with a smile on their face like a mother making dinner for her child saying “of course”, its mostly that I don’t have to do it. So for that, and so much more, Bros. Finger and Goldstein get the co-MVBs award for September. [insert crowd cheering]

            At the next meeting, we will be finalizing the Lodge holiday party, tentatively scheduled for December 17th, so save the date, night at the theater (my vote is for Jackie Mason but it’s a close call between the Jersey Boys) so if you want a voice and a vote in what we do, you have to come to the meeting. I would like to thank Bros. Howard Blechner and Steven Burstyn and W Norman Avchan for putting forth the effort on that; and a big “ooops, sorry” to Norman for butchering his last name in the minutes. Also, RW Alan B. Geller (the B is for Bucky in case you were wondering) is arraigning dates for the bell ringing, so go find your elf hat and get ready! The last bit of housekeeping is the next officer meeting is Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 at the Rockville Centre Masonic Template located at 28 Lincoln Avenue in Rockville Centre at 7:00 PM in the B room. So if you want to discuss our plans for a Valentines day event, which are in the budding stage, or have something that you want to do, come on down. No RSVP or office required.  Also, the next meeting, 11 October 2017, we will have a quick meeting of the Foundation for the officer elections. 

Now for the bit you have all been waiting for; like the weather at the end of the newscast. Who won Hawaiian shirt night? After the long streak of W Joe Van Sickle and that blazingly traumatic Hawaiian shirt that seemed to sprain a part of your brain, may he rest in peace, was taken over my MW Bob Stack’s streak using his sublime car wreck of a shirt, where it is jarring but you cannot look away, was taken over in the oddest of fashions. MW Bob wore his hypnotic mallet of a shirt but was beaten by a nose by W Helmut Walter and his tee shirt. Yes, a tee shirt. If you want to know what the tee shirt said, you’ll have to ask him because my mamma raised me better than to put that in print.

And that my Brothers, is all the news that is fit to print. Be sure to check our website, I am updating it right after I send this to Linton and it will have the holiday schedule and upcoming events. 


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