Guiding Light Olympia, No. 808
Free and Accepted Masons
Under the Grand Lodge
of the State of New York

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Welcome to Guiding Light Olympia.
To be a Mason, Ask a Mason!

Who Are the Masons?

The Masons are one of the oldest fraternal orders known. The exact date when we began and the exact origins have been lost in time. Theories of our evolution range from guilds of stone masons at the building of King Solomon's Temple, to the exiled Knights Templar dispersed by the Avingoin Pope(s). There is no shortage of reliable material on the history of Masonry, and we would be pleased to point you towards some of that research, as well as quite a few TV programs from the History Channel and the like.

In the modern era, there is evidence that the Masons were involved in the American Revolution, the European Enlightening, and many other historic events that researchers are uncovering almost daily.

However, the Masons are not a secret society bend on subversion or revolution or stepped in conspiracy. We are a non-religious, non-political group of men who have made an obligation to each other to act in accordance with our accepted ethics and morals; not just with each other, but also in our dealings with the world at large. Hence the term, a "square deal" coming from our Square and Compasses.  This is how we take good men and make them better.  

Why Become a Mason? 
We take good men, and make them better.
Everyone has thier own reason(s) and their own rationale. But if I can break it down to its purest essence, in my humble opinion, it is nice to surround yourself with good men because that is when good things happen. We don't have the monopoly on good men, morals, or virtue; and don't expect some imaginary illuminati to grant you powers and riches. But if you are interested in joining a group of men who are genuinely concerned with each others well being, not because they have to like family but because they want to, and can be found in all parts of the world, then do your self a kindess and inquire further. 

Who is Guiding Light Olympia?

Guiding Light Olympia, Lodge No. 808 is a Masonic Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, organized under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, in the First Nassau Masonic District
Guiding Light Olympia (chartered in 1894)
Olympia Lodge #808 (chartered in 1894 in the 2nd Queens District) and Guiding Light Lodge #1151 (chartered 1956 in the First Nassau District) merged in 1987 became Guiding Light Olympia #808.  In 1994 Modin Lodge #1153 (chartered in 1955) merged in 1980 into Guiding Light Olympia #808.

Basically, we are a group of guys who go out and do charitable things and share fellowship between ourselves, our Ladies and friends.

We have done blood drives, child ID programs, ring the bell for the Salvation Army, do Christmas in May for our elderly Brethren, volunteered at soup kitchens and donated to a myriad of charities. 

Our social activities include brunches, dinners, black tie dinner dances, fishing trips, baseball games, BBQs, pool parties, etc. as well as informal beers.
Our Ladies also get together for all sorts of informal things like group manicures and pedicures as well as shopping trips and such.

If you are a man and over 21, interested in Masonry and interested in joining a good group of solid, moral, and dependable men, contact us and come by and see if you are a good fit for our family.

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